AC Motor
Heavy duty, long lasting professional motor that ensures greater quality and performance. With proper care, dryer will perform for over 1,000 continuous hours.
Balanced Motor
Balanced internally at three different points, which ensures higher performance and longer life. Also provides a more ergonomic hold while drying.
Ceramic Thermal Grill
Produces consistent hot temperatures while blow drying.
Cold Shot Button
Provides a blast of cool air to set style in place.
DC Motor
Light weight professional motor that, with proper care, will perform for over 700 continuous hours.
Ergonomic Handle
Slight curve which conforms nicely to hand to reduce stress while styling.
Far Infrared Heat
A gentle heat that dries hair from the inside out.
Fiberglass Concentrator
Retains heat without melting or warping and directs airflow for more control while styling.
Produces over 2.2 million Ions cm(3)/per minute that further break down water molecules to improve moisture in the hair and minimize static electricity.
Reduces the electromagnetic field for improved environmental conditions.
Removable Filter
Filter prevents hair from getting caught in motor and twists off for easy cleaning.
A mineral that adds shine and smoothes hair while minimizing fly-aways.
Unit used to measure the power of an electric product. This power (wattage) can also be described as the rate at which energy (voltage) is used.
Insulated shell and longer barrel for stylists who prefer not to use the traditional handle.


Beveled plates
Curved edges on all 4 sides of the plates allow hair to easily glide through iron without pulling while offering styling versatility.
Ceramic plates
Provides consistent, even heat while styling.
Cool touch tips
Heat resistant ridged tips on irons that stay cool to the touch for more comfortable, safe styling.
Extra long cord
9ft professional length cord that rotates to provide maximum flexibility while styling, reducing tangling and twisting of cord.
Far infrared heat
A gentle heat that warms hair from the inside out.
Heats in 60 seconds
Irons go from Zero to 450F in 60 seconds flat.
Instant 10 second
recovery time
Plates reheat to desired temperature for each pass through the hair. Helps guarantee a consistent temperature while styling.
Ions improves moisture in the hair and minimize static electricity.
Swivel cord
No untwisting or unwinding, cord rotates with your movement around the chair.
A mineral that adds shine and smoothes hair while minimizing fly-aways.
Variable temp control
Adjustable temperature dial with a wide heat range of 170F - 450F for more precise styling.


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